About Us

BeaVista is more than just a company

 with prowess in IT consultancy and HR management. BeaVista is a team of experts obsessed with the inner workings of technology; answering the big questions about people in general, and hacking the secrets of personal and organizational growth.

Our Story began a long long time ago when we asked the big question HOW? How can we marry our expertise in providing innovative solutions and people management to promote organizational growth? The answer, at first, was to try our hands at it to see if it works. In 2016, we offered recruiting services to a number of small enterprises, for free, managing the recruitment process to completion – from selection to appointment. The good reviews we got propelled us to officially begin operating under a registered umbrella company.

Thus in 2017, BeaVista was born. Our first official move was to obtain a payroll management solution, PRIMEPAYROLL. Within the first few months of operation, we had gotten numerous requests for full-fledged payroll management and tripled the clientele aboard the payroll platform within the first year.
On the IT consultancy side… well, let’s just say our passion for building technology solutions that matter has always been. In 2018, we officially started building bespoke solutions under the umbrella company BeaVista and are still pressing forward.

Meet The Team

Beatrice Diyan is an amazing people person and is highly motivated by people development. She holds a degree in Psychology and is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria. She has worked in the Human Resources team for two top-notch companies until she decided to become a CEO. Beatrice loves reading and watching movies.

Oluwasegun Diyan is a brilliant engineer with over a decade of expertise and accomplishments in the tech and innovation space, including New tech exploration, Big Data, and Instrumentation. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and several certifications including a certificate in Management Essentials from Harvard Business School. Currently, Oluwasegun also holds a position as a Senior Manager at a Giant IT company in Nigeria where he heads the Innovation and Talent Development, leading diverse teams of forward-thinking individuals to build cutting-edge solutions that solve everyday problems. He is a lover of music, theatre, and animations. His secret identity is a Disc Jockey’.