HR Service

Remote HR service delivery just got better!

BeaVista is redefining the way smart companies manage their staff. From on-site employees to off-site employees to contingent workforces, we make HR management a breeze.


We allow room for organizational growth by taking over every aspect of HR management so your organization can focus on core duties, remain competitive and cut costs. 

With BeaVista in charge of your employees, you’re promised bespoke HR services that suit your organization’s unique needs, and glaring improvement in employee productivity.

Contact us today and let us meet your HR requirements to a perfect T.

Payroll management

We automate the process of payroll tracking, calculations and dispensary, ensuring your employees receive their exact pay without a second’s delay.

Our bespoke payroll automation software, PRIME PAYROLL, goes the extra mile to balance and reconcile payroll data of all employees in an organization while maintaining compliance with tax laws and stipulated attendance laws. 

Your employees can rest easy with us managing your payroll services.

Training and Development

We believe a company can grow with the right people, and that is why we emphasize on the improvement of employees through skill-specific training and developments.

Our wide range of certified training and development programs will ensure your employees are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to see tasks to successful completion thus adding to your organization’s bottom-line.

Now, you can start winning with smarter employees.


We know the right people for the job. Trust us to help you find them for you. 

Our recruitment services involve attracting, reviewing, selecting, screening and appointing the right person for the job so that your organization can scale beyond limits.

Your workforce is a formidable team when you trust us to choose.